some questions you may have about flying with us…  

Do we offer shuttle service to and from Sea-Tac Airport?

Yes we do! It is at an additional charge of $10 per person and operates on a schedule. To catch our shuttle from Sea-Tac to Renton, which takes about 15 minutes, you can select the option for the shuttle when making online reservations or by requesting it over the phone if you choose to call in your reservations.

When does the shuttle pickup at Sea-Tac Airport?

Our scheduled pickup time is one hour prior to the departure time of your flight to Friday Harbor. If you are on a 12 pm flight with us, your scheduled shuttle pickup at Sea-Tac would be 11 am. We request that you be outside of door 02 from the baggage claim area at least 20 minutes prior to shuttle departure time.

Where do I catch the shuttle at Sea-Tac Airport?

Our pickup location is at Door 02 at the Sea-Tac Airport. This designated location is where we drop off and pick up. We will be in a silver Ford Transit van that says Friday Harbor Seaplanes on the side.

When does the shuttle depart to Sea-Tac from Renton?

Our shuttle departs shortly after your arrival into Renton. The departure time will be within 15 minutes of your arrival. If we’re running multiple airplanes that day we would need to wait for all passengers needing a shuttle to arrive, which is typically very close in timing.

When should I make my flight out of Sea-Tac?

We recommend that you allow at least two hours from your arrival into Seattle/Renton. Our shuttle departs shortly after your arrival from Friday Harbor. The drive time to Sea-Tac from Renton is approximately 15 to 20 minutes. This will allow a 90 minute check in time for your flight. If you are travelling internationally, we recommend allowing for more time between your flight with us and your major airlines.

Is there a hotel nearby to stay at in Seattle/Renton?

Yes! We have a preferred rate with the Red Lion Hotel in Renton. They are located about 10 minutes away from us and 10 minutes away from Sea-Tac. They provide their own complimentary shuttle between us and the hotel as well as between the hotel and Sea-Tac. Our sister company (Northwest Seaplanes) has a preferred discounted rate with the Red Lion, and the rate is available to Friday Harbor Seaplanes passengers. Call 425-226-7700 to reserve and request the “Northwest Seaplanes” rate or book online using the booking code “NWSP” for the preferred rate.

Do you provide a shuttle to downtown Seattle?

Unfortunately, we don’t….. However, Uber is an excellent option here in the technology center of the US. We can also call you a taxi cab. The best thing to do is to notify your pilot that you will need a taxi on your arrival and he or she will relay the request to arrange a taxi for you.

How long is the flight between Friday Harbor, the San Juan Islands and Seattle?

The flight time is about 45-50 minutes so you’ll have plenty of time to find things to do in San Juan Islands. Sometimes we have some winds that will make the trip shorter one way and a little longer the other.

Are these seaplanes safe?

Absolutely. Essentially, you are flying over or near the water for your entire flight, in a seaplane designed to land on the water. Nearly the entire flight route is over one big runway!

Where to stay in Friday Harbor?

With all the things to do in San Juan Islands we recommend checking out the San Juan Islands Visitor Bureau website for local Friday Harbor and surrounding island accommodations.  Some of our Friday Harbor favorites are Friday Harbor House, Harrison House Suites, and the Island Inn at 123 West.

For Additional Questions on things to do in San Juan Islands, Schedules, or Reservations Call 425 277-1590.