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UPDATED – 5/18/20

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by COVID-19. At Friday Harbor Seaplanes, we want to do our part to ensure you that are taking efforts to ensure your confidence in flying with us and booking your travel.

Many of you have questions and concerns regarding travel with Friday Harbor Seaplanes. We would like to take the opportunity to answer a few of the most asked questions with the COVID-19 outbreak. Our goal is to ensure that in these uncertain times, you that you can book flights with confidence and understand how Friday Harbor Seaplanes is addressing your health safety concerns and airfare refund policies. If you have any questions regarding the information provided below, please feel free to call.

Reservation policy clarified

Are our flights with Friday Harbor Seaplanes refundable?

If you have purchased the Refundable Ticket Fee option ($20 each way), your tickets are fully refundable (less the Refundable Ticket Fee) with a greater than 48 hours notice. We recommend when prompted in the online booking process to take advantage of the refundable option. If you are reserving over the phone, please ask for the refundable option (Our staff will ask anyways).

If you didn’t purchase the Refundable Ticket Fee upon making your reservations, your tickets are non-refundable. However, if you choose to cancel in the 2020 season, your tickets are left as open credit for up to two years. Additionally, we are allowing the credit to be full credit through our 2022 season regardless of fare changes year over year.

We will give a full refund to all tickets, refundable or non-refundable, if State and local government mandates do not allow us to fly for reasons related to suppressing the spread of the virus.

Changes in flight schedules for 2020

Are the flight schedules going to change in 2020 due to COVID-19? 

We have adjusted our flights schedules for the 2020 season as required for Federal, State and local mandates for shelter in place requirements and for demand. Our seasonal scheduled flights start in May and were to resume for the season on May 8th. We have now adjusted our starting date for scheduled flights to June 19th (subject to change).

Prior to any schedule changes or cancellations of flights, we will advise passengers of the cancellation in advance and offer options of alternative flight times. Friday Harbor Seaplanes will offer full refunds for flight schedule cancellations due to restrictions where we do not fly scheduled flights and will provide a full refund, regardless of whether the refundable ticket option was purchased or not. This will apply only to flight schedules cancelled due to restrictions that we cancel.

We are unsure of how the virus will play out in the nearest future and feel making premature changes that could be changed again would cause more inconvenience than making a change closer to the season.  There is a  possibility there will be changes to the May, June and July schedules. We are confident that the warmer weather in the spring and the State and Nationwide discipline will take this virus out prior to the peak summer season. As we all, know that is subject to change as well. Health and safety is first, so we will adjust schedules as needed to follow guidelines of CDC, State and local mandates to help curb the spread of the virus.

How will we know if there are changes in the summer flight schedule?

We will be emailing all passengers booked on 2020 flights at some point closer to the season to advise of any flight schedule changes based on travel restrictions and demand, in changes to our schedule are needed. Pretty much all of the US major airlines have adjusted there schedules and capacity in the near future and beyond. Friday Harbor Seaplanes will be evaluating the changes to most major airlines if any changes are made to allow our schedule to best match connecting flights to major city pairs, if necessary.

COVID-19 safety precautions Friday Harbor Seaplanes is taking

How is Friday Harbor Seaplanes addressing sanitizing the aircraft, shuttle vans and passenger terminal?

If you have flown with us before, you know we run a super clean and tidy ship. We have always disinfected our aircraft and headsets we provide to customers after each round trip flight. With COVID-19, we will not be providing any magazines in our seat pockets. After each flight leg, our staff will be disinfecting headsets and touch points in the aircraft. Additionally, we will be providing individually packaged anti-bacterial wipes in our seat pockets so each passenger can again, disinfect their seating area and headset if desired. We always have provided ear plugs in the seat pockets of our aircraft for those wishing not to use our headsets. Our terminal in Renton is alway clean and tidy and we have always sanitized the bathrooms multiple times daily and will continue to do so.

How is Friday Harbor Seaplanes screening passengers?

We hate to ask or address obvious questions (like do you know smoking is prohibited on the aircraft which has been effect since the late 1970’s). However, we will be pre-screening at check in at our base in Renton and pre-boarding in the San Juan Islands regarding health safety and COVID19. Passengers that may show symptoms of illness may be denied boarding. All passengers on scheduled flights will be required to wear masks. We encourage you to bring your own personal mask and we will provide masks to those that do not have their own. 

What other steps is Friday Harbor Seaplanes taking

Will there be capacity limits on scheduled flights?

For 2020, we will be reducing the capacity of our Dehavilland Beavers to 5 passengers on scheduled flights from Seattle with baggage to help with social distancing and give passengers a little more space. For those of you that have flown with us, the floats on our aircraft have storage and if we have baggage that can be stowed in the float compartments, we will allow 5 passenger on our scheduled flights from Seattle so as to not have more than two passengers per row. Of course, families can sit together in the center seat with 3 passengers if desired.

Additionally, we will be requiring that ALL passengers wear masks until guidelines until social distancing requirements relax. Many of you have your own masks and for those that don’t, we will have complimentary masks available.

What are my options if we do not want to ride on a scheduled flight with other passengers?

We have developed a scheduled charter option for 2020. Basically, we have charters scheduled that mirror our schedules for our regularly scheduled flights. This option allows customers to have the aircraft exclusively at a scheduled time for a significantly discounted price. For those travelling with others in their own group who will be together for their trip to the San Juans, this is a great option and if there are 5 or 6 travelling together, it is less expensive than a one way ticket price or as low as $120 per person. Our scheduled charter flights can be booked online.

For Additional Questions, Schedules, or Reservations

Please call 425 277-1590.